In business today, it is crucial to be able to answer relevant questions through data. Whether you’re a career starter looking for applicable skills or a business leader looking for context for your strategy, understanding how your teams store, examine, and utilize data can better set you up for success.

In this program, you will discover how to enter data into a well-designed database and interact with it using Structured Query Language (SQL). You’ll begin with subjects related to data rules and database design, where you will explore the different ways to analyze, manipulate, integrate, and extract insights from data. With that foundational knowledge established, you will then delve into the fundamentals of database design and conclude the program with a brief exploration of scalability and automation. Ultimately, by learning how to approach, structure, and solve business problems through the organization and manipulation of data, you will be prepared to put your newfound understanding into practice in your organization and beyond, setting you apart in a competitive business landscape.

Proficiency in structured query language (SQL) is fundamental for anyone working with data. Used in organizations large and small, learning SQL will prepare you to quickly query raw data and transform it into meaningful visualizations using tools like Tableau to help you make business decisions.

This certificate program is designed to help you analyze data in a relational database and develop your understanding of the relationship between SQL and data visualizations. You will use SQL and fundamental database concepts to create a normalized database, manipulate the data within the database, and extract the data from the database, discovering how to convert business questions into SQL queries that extract answers from your data.

After developing your skills working with databases, you will take raw data and create robust data visualizations using Tableau. You’ll explore a wide variety of charts and learn how to select the best chart to convey the meaning in your data. This combination of being able to both work with and present data to key stakeholders will prepare you to bring value to any data-centric organization.

As more and more industries and organizations harness the power of big data, the ability to illustrate trends and patterns within a data set has become invaluable. Data visualizations allow concise communication that directly informs strategic decision-making in a function or organization. You will begin this certificate by examining different data types and how they are expressed within Tableau. As you become more familiar with Tableau, you will practice building basic visualizations based on standard analysis and audience evaluation. As the courses progress, you will move beyond basic analysis, incorporating critique and feedback to introduce you to the iterative process of visualization. Ultimately, you’ll come away with the confidence to use your data visualization skills to tell a compelling story.

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